S01E06 Frame By Frame Revisit “The Room” & “Birdemic”

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3 min readMar 31, 2024

“The Room” (2003) “Birdemic” (2010)

Well, we finally broke the mold and found two movies that we are not entirely fond of. Yes, We went hard into both Birdemic and The Room but we did try hard to dig deep and find a hidden sense of appreciation for the effort. Yes. effort. Whether technically proficient or not, No matter how clumsy the dialogue is or how awful the FX are, they are watchable… but only in the case of “three’s a crowd.” — warning, do not watch these kind of films on your own. It can damage your essence and put a boot to the balls of your respect for life. “I put Andy through his paces with these two” Stephen says, “But I think it will make him stronger. Enough to one day handle the likes of Spice World, should we ever get him restrained and locked in a room long enough to get through it.”


00:00:00 — Born bad / Bad at openings. Best is over guys

00:01:13 — Music intro

00:02:10 — Start with Birdemic because Andy hated this the least.

00:03:40 — Birdemic was made to be stupid but still failed to be good.

00:09:10 — We Walk out of the podcast / phone rings / answer message

00:11:15 — Pizza time / talking the sequel / who is investing money into this?

00:12:10 — Cats are serving us pizza.

00:12:30 — We make films of substance without any money. Plugs!

00:13:20 — It’s so bad it’s good. Not sure we buy in to.

00:14:00 — The birth of the AP +# rating.

00:16:00 — Is it intended to be this bad? No Art!

00:17:55 — Distribution and spelling errors on the poster.

00:19:15 — Sad and disappointing. A waste.

00:20:30 — Let’s stop talking about Birdemic. Drinking wine.

00:21:05 — El Chupacabra — Andy’s pick for the worst movie.

00:23:10 — Mannequin 2 — Stephen’s pick for the worst movie.

00:25:00 — Sequels for money sake — Howard the Duck — Teenwolf II

00:26:40 — George Lucas: Star Wars Prequels, Red Tails, Howard Duck, Young Indie.

00:27:30 — Cult movies have to fail first: Big Trouble in Little China.

00:28:00 — Donnie Darko — cult classic before release — film terminology used as marketing.

00:29:45 — Spice World the movie — Epic cult sci fi movie.

00:31:00 — Let’s talk about The Room.

00:33:00 — “You explain what it is, because I don’t want to. “ — Andy

00:36:45 — Technically proficient. Envious of TW having the money to do it.

00:39:40 — The clarification of the AP +# rating. (The Room: 20 or more viewers)

00:42:55 — The child whose life is ruined by watching The Room

00:43:10 — The belly button sex scene.

00:43:30 — Showgirls is not the model for sex education. Free Sex.

00:44:30 — The Room is sex addict therapy.

00:45:25 — Once you enter the room you never leave. 0.5 Andy!

00:51:10 — Andy walks out of the podcast.

00:52:00 — Andy’s in another ROOM!.

00:54:25 — Liquid Storage Bags!






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